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Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Sittingbourne and surrounding areas


What Do You Get From Us ?

  • A deep thorough professional carpet cleaning service.
  • FREE deodoriser leaving your carpet smelling fresh and eliminating unwanted odours.
  • FREE protector preventing dust mites and growth of fungal moulds and bacteria.
  • A supreme finish leaving your carpet brighter and prevents browning.
  • An affordable premium service at competitive prices.
  • Stain removal – getting rid of those hard to move stains.

What do we do ?

  1. Pre inspection and set equipment up
  2. High power dry vacuuming
  3. Remove any furniture if needed
  4. Attempt to remove any stains
  5. Pre spray each carpet and agitate to achieve best results
  6. Hot water clean and extraction of the carpet
  7. Re-attempt the removal of any remaining stains
  8. Spray down finishing spray to prevent bacteria growth and leave carpets smelling great
  9. Groom the carpet to give the brand new feel to it
  10. Final inspection

Choose Aura Carpet Cleaning for commercial carpet cleaning in Sittingbourne and surrounding areas.

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We try to be as transparent as we can with our commercial customers. As a guide we like to clean per square metre we usually keep it between 80p – £2. It depends on many factors including, type of carpet, how dirty the carpet is, how many stains there are, furniture, how long the job takes etc

We discount the price the more carpet we clean and give discounts to reoccurring customers.

For upholstery cleaning our guide prices are:

Small Chair – £5

Arm Chair – £20

Small sofa – £30-40

Larger corner sofas -£40-50

We offer discounts for large jobs

A deposit is taken beforehand and pricing is based on the average job.

So why is it important commercial carpet get cleaned?

Commercial carpets get the dirtiest, this is because in a commercial environment there is a lot more foot traffic than in a domestic house. Another factor is in most commercial places everyone wears shoes they have worn outside which brings in a whole load more dirt and harmful bacteria, moulds and dust mites. This is not a healthy working environment especially for people who suffer from asthma, eczema and allergies. Every business wants their company to look smart and professional and most forget about the carpets

Who benefits from commercial carpet cleaning?

Everyone. The business looks more smart and professional, Workers and customers have more of a pleasant time in the carpeted room and the environment becomes healthier and safer for everyone especially those who suffer with asthma, eczema and allergies.

How often should commercial carpets get cleaned?

we recommend every 6-12 month for commercial carpet cleaning. Many factors are involved like the material of carpet and the foot traffic. We offer discounted prices for reoccurring customers and our prices are very competitive.

What company’s will benefit the most from clean carpets?

To list a few

  • Nurseries – It’s important children can learn and play in a safe healthy environment.
  • Restaurants – Restaurants carpets can get very dirty and greasy invest in clean carpets to make good impressions.
  • B&B’s – B&B’s offer a place for customers to stay in comfort, clean carpets is essential.
  • Estate Agents – Most domestic homes will have dirty carpets and having them clean and fresh for the next people moving in is a massive bonus.
  • Pubs – Most pub carpets can be one of the most dirtiest get them cleaned and see your pub look great again.
  • Office spaces – Everyone wants their workers in a healthy clean environment, right?

And many many more places