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Aura Carpet Cleaning are trained and insured to take on a whole range of advanced carpet cleaning in Sittingbourne. We aim to leave your house with a clean, fresh smelling carpet.


What Do You Get From Us ?

  • A deep thorough professional carpet cleaning service.
  • FREE deodoriser leaving your carpet smelling fresh and eliminating unwanted odours.
  • FREE protector preventing dust mites and growth of fungal moulds and bacteria.
  • A supreme finish leaving your carpet brighter and prevents browning.
  • An affordable premium service at competitive prices.
  • Stain removal – getting rid of those hard to move stains.

What do we do ?

  1. Pre inspection and set equipment up
  2. High power dry vacuuming
  3. Remove any furniture if needed
  4. Attempt to remove any stains
  5. Pre spray each carpet and agitate to achieve best results
  6. Hot water clean and extraction of the carpet
  7. Re-attempt the removal of any remaining stains
  8. Spray down finishing spray to prevent bacteria growth and leave carpets smelling great
  9. Groom the carpet to give the brand new feel to it
  10. Final inspection

Choose Aura Carpet Cleaning for carpet cleaning in Sittingbourne and surrounding areas.

Get a fast quote (usually within an hour)!


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Or call us on:

01795 859183

Our office hours are:

Mon-Fri 9:00am – 4:30pm please fill in the form above out of these hours for a speedy quote.


4/5 Stars. Excellent service would definitely recommend to friends.


Bark Review

5/5 Stars. He did a great job, our carpet was dirty and covered in stains and it`s now looking very good.


Bark Review

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Price List


Lounge 12X12ft – £30
Though Lounge 12X20ft – £50
Hall, Stairs and Landing – £35
Bedroom (Double) – £30
Bedroom (Single) – £20
Whole caravan – £60-70


Dinner Chair- £5
Arm Chair – £20
2 Seated Sofa – £30
3 Seated Sofa – £40
4 Seated Sofa – £50
5 Seated Sofa – £60
Corner Sofa – £70
For leather cleaning + £10 to prices above


Price depends on size and material. Prices start from £5 please give a full description of the size material and colours in the contact form for an accurate quote.


Extra charges apply for moving MOVEABLE furniture

Minimum order £30

£30 deposit taken beforehand

All prices are based on average empty room sizes, average soiling and used for guidance purposes only

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Click Below to view our portfolio page and see what a huge different we can make to your carpets. Thinking of replacing your carpets? look here before!

How do we remove stains?

For the best possible results, stain removal should happen as soon as possible. We use modern, safe stain treatments to remove most stains. This service is included as part of our normal carpet cleaning service.

How often should you get your carpets professionally cleaned?

We recommend every 6-12 months depending on material and condition of the carpet.

What areas do we cover?

Carpet cleaning in Sittingbourne, Isle of Sheppy, Faversham and areas in between. We do travel further afield for larger jobs

What about commercial carpet cleaning?

Yes we do offer commercial carpet cleaning. For example, offices, pubs, restaurants etc. If you are interested in commercial carpet cleaning give us a call or fill out our enquiry form and we’d be happy to provide a quote. Click here for more info

We understand that keeping your carpets clean is almost impossible. That’s why we offer an affordable reliable service. Dirty carpets look unpleasant, but can also be home to harmful mites and bacterial mould that damage your carpet. People with allergies and asthma can be adversely affected. A dirty carpet can smell bad and be embarrassing for home owners. That is why we are dedicated to leaving your home looking and smelling its best.